Game Design and Development

The topic of the module gives the basic idea that we are doing. With design programs we do the "cout" of the game. So far this module seems to be simple. I believe in the upcoming month it will become more challenging. So far, it is the most creative module and I like it. Each week we have a talk about what games are, what makes them so popular, how to make them user friendly. After that, we have breakout groups and a creative task to perform. What I like about this module, is that we get a chance to work with students from other programms and try ourselfs in group work enviroment. So far, I have learned to start an unity project, create random objects, add features on them like colour, gravity force. You can see the program itself on the background.

So far, while it is just a simple tasks it i'm fine, but I need to practise these tasks more. The camera movement inside the program is very frustrating so that indicates I NEED more practise with the program. Also, there are hundreads of button with stuff you can do there, it looks like plane cabin at first sight. Also, an indicator for me that I'm still new at this software.