Computer Gaming Hardware Architectures

The first module on the list but the last module in my weekly timetable.

In this module program is centered on programming with Notepad. Sounds acient but it is helpfull actually. You can put yourself in the shoes of first programmers who had to develop everything from 0 and 1. It is harder then I expected or imagined but it is as it is. So far, I realised that screen is just a pile of square bits that are united together. Also, their movement is so fast, that we can't see it with our own eyes. It tricks us into thinking that screen is shining in one colour but in reality it's just one dot moving from the top left to the bottom on the right. Here is an example of a code that creates iliusion of whole screen being blue.

This is how the code looks like. As you can see numbers do the talking unlike in C++.

Comparing this module to others, for me this one is the hardest. We start from the basics, it feels like we are inventing the stuff that has already been discovered. Like but at the same time you get that feeling, that you get how the stuff works and how different modules unite as one thing - programming. It doesn't feel like I have a specific area I'm good at. It seems the other way around - that I don't know the fundamentals. For example, how does computer work. That could be a thing to look into. Another one is all the material mentioned in reading list. It repeats what we have done in sessions. Youtube videos should help also. Visual explanation for me is better than plain text.